Teresa Ehnert

Teresa Ehnert serves as Arizona’s Bureau Chief of Public Health Emergency Preparedness, which resides within the Arizona Department of Health Services. Her primary responsibility is directing the planning, development, implementation, coordination, and evaluation of Public Health Emergency Preparedness programs. She is also the Department’s Continuity of Operations Coordinator. Teresa facilitates the coordination of state planning and regional committees on preparedness activities with Local Health Officers, Indian Health Services, Tribes, County Health, Hospitals, Community Health Centers, Poison Control, Long Term Care, other allied health organizations, and many emergency response partners. She oversees those programs that are designed to enhance planning and response to public health emergencies for the state of Arizona. Teresa was born in Fargo North Dakota and relocated to Arizona in 2005, when she joined the Arizona Department of Health Services. Prior to her role at the Department of Health Services, Teresa was a Chief Master Sergeant in the Air Force completing a career of almost 27 years. She earned her Masters Degree in Management from the University of Mary, Fargo N.D. Teresa is a member of the Arizona Department of Education Advisory Board, the Statewide Access and Functional Needs taskforce, the Day Treatment Agency consortium, the National Pediatric Disaster Coalition Conference planning committee, and Coyote Crisis Collaborative (a state health care coalition).