Arizona Pediatric Disaster Coalition (APDC) Goals and Objectives
  1. Conduct a survey of health care organizations to determine staffed bed capacity and access to pediatricians during disasters:
    1. Explore how many staffed pediatric beds are available within health care organizations 2, 4, 12, 24 or other hours.
    2. Examine how long it will take health care organization to decompress to increase staffed pediatric beds by 20 percent.
    3. Identify how many staffed pediatric beds have been operating in the health care organizations in the past 60 days.
    4. Determine how quickly the Emergency Department of hospitals can accommodate a surge of 30 percent in pediatric patients.
    5. Find out how many hospitals have access to pediatricians within a specific timeframe.
  2. Determine the reporting line and authority for the Pediatric Arizona Health Alert Network and write a protocol.
  3. Conduct training on the Checklist of Essential Pediatric Domains and Considerations for Every Hospital’s Disaster Preparedness Policies.
  4. Identify a secure link and strategy to share documents and recommendations with stakeholders during disaster exercises and disasters.
  5. Configure an algorithm on recommended action triggers to activate pediatric available beds and staffing based on disaster scenarios.
  6. Conduct an exercise on an alert and activation using the HonorHealth model.
  7. Consider what other benefits the partnership of APDC might offer.
  8. Research best practices in Pediatric Advisory Councils.
  9. Identify subject matter expert groups for representation on the Advisory Council.
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